Classical playing with new technology – made in Germany.

The GEWA Digitalpiano is the perfect instrument for pupils and students, made in Germany. 
It is available in 5 different versions: the DP (Digital Piano) models, UP (Upright Piano) models and the wooden keyboard model. In a well equiped studio in Hamburg the sounds of the Steinway grand piano D-274 have been recorded digitally.  Therfore the sampling of the GEWA digital Piano is based on the Steinway grand piano. More than 30 different sounds like e-pianos, organs, strings, choirs, basses or synthetic sounds are available for different music styles. Additionally these sounds can be layered, split or played 4 handed and it offers an 8 track sequencer to record your own game.  Via Bluetooth and USB connection, audio contents can be reproduced. The keyboard has an imitated ivory surface, which is very pleasant to touch, 3 contact points and a scaled calibration uniquely designed by GEWA. All these special features make the digital piano in terms of dynamics and repetition and excellent choice. Thanks to the virtual soundboard, even the finest sound nuances can be heard. The GEWA digital piano gives the classical pianist all possibilities to express himself very well.

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